Review of Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

Radio Flyer is an American company that has been putting smiles on children’s faces with well-made, durable bikes, ride ons, wagons, and scooters for 95 years. Radio Flyer wagons are painted fire engine red, with the unmistakable named branded in white on their sides – making them both ubiquitous and beloved.

Radio Flyer’s sturdy and cute Pathfinder wagon is a great addition to any family with children. It really is two wagons in one, with seats that can fold down to create a flat wagon surface, or fold up to reveal two seat-belted seats. This wagon is great for beach walks (on the wetter sand), downtown walks, or just playing in the back yard. It’s also a favorite for trick or treating with smaller children, and provides abundant room for lots of treats. There are also cup holders for 4 cups or juice boxes, and rugged wheels, which can carry your precious cargo over multiple terrains.

Easy to clean, this is an excellent choice for an alternate ride for your child, and one that will bring lots of good memories through the years.

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